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Wendy Reagor

As contemporary jewelry designers we are taking a journey into another dimension. We are exploring new techniques and combining unusual mixed media to create a wider range of fashion accessories. Our explorations have allowed us to include collars,bracelets, cuffs, belts, and obi sashes to our repertoire. We are excited by our lush textures and exotic [...]

Rebecca Mueller

Adrienne Lockett

I have been creating one-of-a-kind and limited production jewelry for the past 20 years as both a metalsmith and a bead artist. The beaded lines include both old and new glass beads,semi-precious stones and antique ethnic pendants. Unmatched and asymmetrical earring pairs are a trademark of my work. Much of my inspiration comes from a [...]

Todd Hawkinson

I am a great Jewelry Historian. I find great fascination in the history of turn of the century (1890-1910) jewelry making. The craftsmen at this time were inspired to created jewelry of enduring beauty. Victorian, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts and Edwardian styles were the vogue in the jewelry world. Utilizing vintage designs, researching antique [...]

Sarah DeLuca

My name is Sarah DeLuca and I do "small batch" dresses designed and made here in Chicago. All dresses are made from cotton or cotton blends and are lined with "peek-a-boo" linings. My particular silhouette was created to fit most women and most body-types so that they are effortlessly adorable on anyone that puts one [...]

JD Davison

The Lab Partners exist at the intersection of art and science, blending the latest innovative technologies with time-honored artistic techniques to craft fun, wearable art. Our works are comprised of colorful pendants and earrings that we cut from salvaged scrap acrylic and spin-cast in sterling silver. Our hand-painted jewelry employs bright colors and stylized organic [...]

P. Alexander Brenner

Hand crafted, artist created, sterling silver and copper jewelry, incorporating semi-precious gems and fresh water pearls.

Mariam Behlic

Marna Hass Jewelry has an eclectic mix of ancient Egyptian art with semi-precious stones providing different attributes and healing properties; an inspiration for the semi-precious stone collection. The Agate and Jade stones are widest in their variety, with Agate known to harness strength, and the Jade an ancient one that has been famous for its [...]

Cecelia Aurand

I enjoy working with gem stones,Africian and Afgan stones. Many of my pieces incorporate metal.. (silver, vintage brass ,etc, )

Nicole Ardis

Since I was a child, I have been captivated by the sparkles and textures of the world. The natural elements around me have always been my inspiration. Echoing the richness of life in my jewelry is my life’s work. I carefully handpick my materials from markets all over the globe. Combined with the techniques I [...]

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