Attention ArtistsBooth Numbers are subject to change. All artists are required to check-in before setting up at the festival.

2019 Fine Art Festival- Oakbrook

Artist Listing and Booth Numbers
Lina Abdullah
Booth 82
Ruby Ballard-Harris
Booth 61
Tim Benson
Booth 76
Michael Benstein
Booth 80
Ryan Bigelow
Booth 79
Wendy Brandes
Booth 45
Camille Carr
Booth 31
James Cole
Booth 46
Allison Crary
Booth 83
Jane & Howie Crouse
Booth 56
Ben Zion David & Elizabeth Pena
Booth 109
Ralinda Howard
Booth 102
Vivian Huang
Booth 100
Andrew Johnson
Booth 105
Larry Kanfer
Booth 59
Katie Kedziora & Pam Zaccari
Booth 75
Kristen Langelier & Jessica McMillan
Booth 104
Joan Marhula
Booth 60.5
Jennifer Marx
Booth 72
Iwona Narolewska
Booth 103
Jolanta Nawrocka
Booth 29
Laura Nicholson-Tom
Booth 35
Luis Perez
Booth 108
Ron Sieracki & Kari Kloc
Booth 74
Todd Ver Halen
Booth 57
Booth 37
Booth # Last Name First Name Art Shop
82 Abdullah Lina
111 Akese-Burney Jennifer 3D Functional: Fiber
61 Ballard-Harris Ruby
81 Belokurova Maria Jewelry: Mixed Media
76 Benson Tim Photo: Color
80 Benstein Michael 2D: Wood
79 Bigelow Ryan Photography: Color
45 Brandes Wendy
31 Carr Camille Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
46 Cole James Photo black and white and color
83 Crary Allison PAINTING: OIL PAINT
56 Crouse Jane & Howie Photo: Color
73 Cutler Louise Painting: Mixed Media
109 David Benzion Jewelry Maker: Gold and/or Silver
32 Horn Dale And Gail Horn Photography: Color
102 Howard Ralinda 2D: Fiber
100 Huang Vivian Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
105 Johnson Andrew 3D Functional: Wood
59 Kanfer Larry Photo color
75 Pam Zaccari Katie Kedziora &
104 Jessica McMillan Kristen Langelier & 2D: Mixed Media
60.5 Marhula Joan 2D: Mixed Media
72 Marx Jennifer 2D: Mixed Media
103 Narolewska Iwona Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
29 Nawrocka Jolanta
35 Nicholson-Tom Laura Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
47 Nuez Xavier Photo color
108 Perez Luis
71 Ranganath Rashmi PAINTING: MIXED MEDIA
33 Ruiz Leon 2D: Acrylic Paint
74 Kari Kloc Ron Sieracki 3D FUNCTIONAL: MIXED MEDIA
57 Ver Halen Todd
37 Vroom Wendy Photo color
60 Young Jim Painting: Oil Paint