Arboretum Art Festival

Booth Numbers
David Abrahamson
Booth 24
Valerie Abramat
Booth 40
Pamela Baker
Booth 10
Michael Benstein
Booth 72
Maureen Boylan
Booth 41
Al Buschauer
Booth 29
Camille Carr
Booth 21
Andrew Christen
Booth 69
Ron Clevenger
Booth 53
James Cole
Booth 67
Tammy Easton
Booth 47
Lala Enver
Booth 16
Barbra Espey
Booth 17
Donald Esser
Booth 1
Grace Gaynor
Booth 49
Karen Gollhardt
Booth 30
Heather Hambrecht
Booth 13
Booth 3
Karen Heuton
Booth 22
Vivian Huang
Booth 70
Andrew Johnson
Booth 34
Linda Kay
Booth 58
Rebecca Kay
Booth 2
Erin Kennealy
Booth 44
Seung Jae Kim
Booth 9
Ryan Lapeer
Booth 50
Julie Latayan
Booth 19
Vilma Lee-Heinzinger & Mary Beth Bogatto
Booth 8 Shop Now
Michaele Lulik
Booth 33
Joan Marhula
Booth 31
Paul Mason
Booth 39
Marsha Mccreary
Booth 45
Melvin McGee
Booth 7
Omniobadiah Mee
Booth 46
Renata Mikota
Booth 32
Michael Mikottis
Booth 11
Benji & Romina Miller
Booth 54
Sally Miller
Booth 73
David Moskow
Booth 63
Jose Muenala Anguaya
Booth 35
Booth 15
Mandy Krolak
Booth 55
Jackie Phinney
Booth 26
Maren Prokup
Booth 42
April Sepich
Booth 12
Cindy Smaha
Booth 25
Eileen Sorg
Booth 43
Tony Talwar
Booth 18
Julie Terwelp
Booth 59
Patti Tyk
Booth 64
Daniel Vidaillet
Booth 61
Paul Wouk
Booth 38
Booth # Last Name First Name Art Shop
24 Abrahamson David Painting: Acrylic Paint
40 Abramat Valerie Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
74 Akese-Burney Jennifer 3D Functional: Fiber
23 Baker Josh Photo black and white and color
10 Baker Pamela 2D: Fiber
72 Benstein Michael 2D: Wood
41 Boylan Maureen 2D: Watercolor
29 Buschauer Al 2D: Mixed Media
21 Carr Camille Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
69 Christen Andrew 2D: Wood
53 Clevenger Ron 2D: Mixed Media
67 Cole James Photo black and white and color
47 Easton Tammy 3D Functional: Mixed Media
16 Enver Lala
17 Espey Barbra 3D Functional: Mixed Media
1 Esser Donald 2D: Metals
62 Forestall Bob 3D Functional: Wood
49 Gaynor Grace
30 Gollhardt Karen Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
13 Hambrecht Heather 3D Functional: Leather
56 Hammel Howard & Lori Photography: Color
3 HARRISON DAVID Photo black and white and color
27 Hersch Mark Photography: Color & Black & White
22 Heuton Karen Painting: Acrylic Paint
70 Huang Vivian Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
34 Johnson Andrew 3D Functional: Wood
58 Kay Linda
2 Kay Rebecca 3D Non-Functional: Mixed Media
44 Kennealy Erin 2D: Mixed Media
9 Kim Seung Jae Photo black and white
48 Kraig Jack Photo: Color
66 Lahvic Kevin Painting: Mixed Media
50 Lapeer Ryan 2D: Mixed Media
19 Latayan Julie
20 Lawler Shelly Photo: color
8 Lee-Heinzinger and Bogatto Vilma and Mary Beth Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
33 Lulik Michaele 3D Functional: Ceramics
31 Marhula Joan 2D: Mixed Media
37 Mason Dorothy Painting: Mixed Media
39 Mason Paul 2D: Metals
45 Mccreary Marsha 3D Functional: Ceramics
7 Mcgee Melvin Painting: Oil Paint
46 Mee Omniobadiah 3D Functional: Mixed Media
32 Mikota Renata Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
11 Mikottis Michael Painting: Acrylic Paint
54 Miller Romina Jewelry: Mixed Media
73 Miller Sally
63 Moskow David 2D: Printmaking
35 Muenala Anguaya Jose Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
14 Nuez Xavier Photo color
15 Pailodze Vladimir Painting: Oil Paint
55 Krolak Mandy 3D Functional: Ceramics
26 Phinney Jackie Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
42 Prokup Maren 2D: Digital
68 Schuele Susi 3D Non Functional: Wood
12 Sepich April 3D Functional: Mixed Media
25 Smaha Cindy 3D Functional: Wood
43 Sorg Eileen
18 Talwar Tony
59 Terwelp Julie 2D: Ceramics
64 Tyk Patti Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
57 Ulman Jason Photo black and white and color
61 Vidaillet Daniel 3D Non-Functional: Metals
38 Wouk Paul 3D Non-Functional: Mixed Media