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SMADAR LIVNE Painting: Acrylic Paint image 2Painter Smadar Livne
Thank You from Painter Smadar Livne

Dear Amy
I want to thank you for all of the shows this summer .
You are wonderful and you make the shows
Very exciting and beautiful events .
Thank you 🙏
For everything you do

Painter Smadar Livne
Painters, Danilo Vinardell & Igris Morales
Thanks for Artists Danilo Vinardell and Igris Morales

Thank you very much for everything, very grateful. They are a great team. We will gladly return to work for next season. It was a pleasure.

Painters, Danilo Vinardell & Igris Morales
XAVIER NUEZ Photo color image 1Xavier Nuez
Kudos from Oakbrook Fine Art Festival!

But beyond that, Amy's entire staff is always incredible especially you and Noel! ... And of course Amy, she's the best 😊 among her many talents, she sure knows how to hire good people!
Please let Amy know how much I appreciate all of you...

Xavier Nuez
Artist Roger Mathews
Thank You from Roger Mathews

Sweet Caitlin, would you please Amy two things, first, of all the director pep talks I've ever heard, hers this year was the most moving!! thank her, and the breakfast was quite fine too !! Second, of all the shows I've done in the greater Chicago area, 2019 Port Clinton surpassed them all!! 40%more than last year!!!!!!! Thank you all!!!!!!!

Artist Roger Mathews
Port Clinton Art Festival

I wanted to say hello and thank you and the rest of the Amdur team for organizing a wonderful show last weekend. Amdur shows are always well organized, but handling a show that size is a challenge. And the extra space between the booths was fantastic!!

Terri Hickey
Jayne Colwill
Thanks from Artist!

I just wanted to thank you & Amy once again for the boot camps which helped me prepare so well for Glencoe. Plus, Glencoe was by far the best organized fair I’ve done to date.

Jayne Colwill
Sher Berman, Jewelry and Glass Artist
Kudos from Jewelry and Glass Artist, Sher Berman

I just wanted to say thank you for putting on a great show at The Glen. I really enjoyed this year with great sales, happy customers and great weather. You brought out a great crowd!

Sher Berman, Jewelry and Glass Artist