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Going Pro

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Event Details

ART Smart Seminar: Going Pro will now be streamed online on April 11, 2020!

This will be the second part of a two part Art Smart Seminar. In this second seminar, we will cover key topics to make the most of your festivals and ultimately help you SELL MORE. Amy Amdur, of Amdur Productions will be the featured speaker.  Amy is the producer of over twenty five Art Festivals across the country.  Amy will lead an overview session where she will cover:

  • Winning Displays
  • How to promote yourself
  • The art of selling

Are you an artist? Are you planning to exhibit at any of Chicagoland’s summer art fairs or festivals? Are you interested in promoting yourself and your art to the fullest? If so, then you won’t want to miss the ART Smart Seminar: Going Pro!

ART Smart Seminar: Going Pro is a free webinar designed especially for artists who will be exhibiting at art fairs and festivals. Amy Amdur, president of Amdur Productions, is the featured speaker. She and her team are the producers of more than two dozen annual art festivals throughout the Chicagoland area, and Amy will be sharing her knowledge and insights to help artists get the most from their art fair/festival experience. During the presentation, Amy will discuss how to create a winning booth display, how artists can best promote themselves, the art of selling, and much more!

There is no cost to view the webinar, but artists must register. Space is limited. Click here to register!

For questions, please email Caitlin Pfleger at [email protected].