Attention ArtistsBooth Numbers are subject to change. All artists are required to check-in before setting up at the festival.

2021 Glencoe Festival of Art

See and Shop from these Artists!
Glenna Adkins
Booth 306.5
Jennifer Ardolino
Booth 215
Amine Badr
Booth 401
Marilyn & Haley Ballard
Booth 213
Salem Barker
Booth 303
Brooke Minton & Alyssa Neimeyer
Booth 415
Camille Carr
Booth 305
Sergey Cherep
Booth 334
Derek Christensen
Booth 300
Terry Cunningham
Booth 329
James Alton Deans III
Booth 404
Diana Demeuse
Booth 106
Scott Diven
Booth 218
Julie Foster
Booth 207
Wendy Franklin
Booth 330
BJ Gentilli
Booth 328
Jan & Mike Gussin
Booth 316
Luis Enrique Gutierrez
Booth 205
Craig Hagstrom
Booth 216
Heather Hambrecht
Booth 300.5
Melissa Hampton
Booth 105
Mayolo Haro
Booth 112
Ali Hasmut
Booth 313
Kelly Jacobson
Booth 304
Shamila Jiwa
Booth 210
Jacob Keleher
Booth 416
Richard Kolb
Booth 112.5
Judit Ksiazak
Booth 406
Tina Leto
Booth 211
Li Li
Booth 339/341
Joan Marhula
Booth 403
Ancizar Marin
Booth 500
Jennifer Marx
Booth 108
Iwona Narolewska
Booth 111
Ken Orton
Booth 102/104
Vern & Victor Overall
Booth 419/421
Christina Plichta
Booth 422
Gwendolyn Redfern
Booth 214
Roy & Vivian Rodriguez
Booth 101
Sam Seigel and Austin Dickel
Booth 418/420 Shop Now
Petty Shepard & Mary Otieno
Booth 317
Thomas Siciliano
Booth 345
Ron Sieracki & Kari Kloc
Booth 407
Amy Simpson & Rita Skarha
Booth 209
Angie Spears
Booth 409
Sarella Suarez
Booth 202
Gracelynn & Ike Tamrak
Booth 414
Kelly Tate
Booth 400
Karen Tobey
Booth 408
Elke Van Dyke
Booth 337
Danilo Vinardell & Igris Morales
Booth 307 Shop Now
Cheryl Ward
Booth 103
Steven Ward
Booth 101.5
Stephanie Wheat
Booth 212
W Scott Wilson
Booth 322
Booth # Last Name First Name Art Shop
306.5 Adkins Glenna 2D: Mixed Media
311 Akese-Burney Jennifer 3D Functional: Fiber
215 Ardolino Jennifer 2D: Watercolor
401 Badr Amine
213 Ballard Marilyn & Haley Jewelry
303 Barker Salem 3D Non-Functional: Wood
415 Alyssa Neimeyer Brooke Minton & 3D Functional: Stone
413 Belokurova Maria Jewelry: Mixed Media
320 Benstein Barbara 2D: Pastel
305 Carr Camille Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
334 Cherep Sergey PAINTING: OIL PAINT
300 Christensen Derek 2D: Mixed Media
329 Cunningham Terry Jewelry: Mixed Media
106 Demeuse Diana Painting: Oil Paint
315 Dennison Jd Photo color
218 Diven Scott Sculpture
324 Forst Beth Painting: Oil Paint
207 Foster Julie Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
330 Franklin Wendy PAINTING: OIL PAINT
301 Garzon Carolina Painting: Mixed Media
328 Gentilli BJ 3d functional: wood
109 Gougenheim Isabelle 3D FUNCTIONAL: FIBER
314 Grenier Bevill Ellen 3D FUNCTIONAL: FIBER
316 Gussin Jan & Mike Jewelry: Glass
205 Gutierrez Luis Enrique 3D Non Functional: Ceramics
216 Hagstrom Craig Jewelry Maker & Designer: Gold and/or Silver
300.5 Hambrecht Heather 3D Functional: Leather
200 Hamilton Pam Painting: Acrylic Paint
105 Hampton Melissa JEWELRY: GOLD AND SILVER
112 Haro Mayolo 3D Functional: Wood
313 Hasmut Ali Painting: Oil Paint
600 Hersch Mark Photography: Color & Black & White
405 Hickey Terri Jewelry Maker & Designer: Gold and/or Silver
309 Horn Dale And Gail Horn Photography: Color
319 Jackson Victoria PAINTING: ACRYLIC PAINT
304 Jacobson Kelly Jewelry: Metals
210 Jiwa Shamila Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
416 Keleher Jacob Jewelry: Gold and Silver
308 Kline Elizabeth Jewelry: Metals
112.5 Kolb Richard 3D NON FUNCTIONAL: Metal
304.5 Kraig Jack Photo: Color
406 Ksiazak Judit 3D Functional: Ceramics
318 Lee Eric 2D: Digital
211 Leto Tina Photo: Black and White
339/341 Li Li Painting: Mixed Media
302.7 Luciano Zsuzsanna Photography: Color
403 Marhula Joan 2D: Mixed Media
500 Marin Ancizar 3D Non-Functional: Mixed Media
332 Marsella Candace Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
108 Marx Jennifer 2D: Mixed Media
347/349 McGinnis Mary Beth 3d functional: furniture
204 Mensa-Aborampa Kwame EMERGING ARTIST: PAINTING
111 Narolewska Iwona Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
201/203 Nuez Xavier Photo color
206 Nye Christine Painting: Acrylic Paint
102/104 Orton Ken
419/421 Overall Vern & Victor 3d functional: wood
422 Plichta Christina Painting: Oil Paint
402 Rabe Deane Painting: Oil Paint
214 Redfern Gwendolyn 2D: Watercolor
302/302.5 Reed Aaron 2D: Drawing
100 Reed Dana and Scott Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
101 Rodriguez Roy 2D: Mixed Media
312 Ruiz Leon 2D: Acrylic Paint
411 Schubert David PAINTING: OIL PAINT
208 Schuning Peggy 2D: MIXED MEDIA
418/420 Austin Dickel Sam Seigel and 3D Functional: Metals
317 Mary Otieno Petty Shepard & 3D FUNCTIONAL: FIBER
345 Siciliano Thomas 2D: PAPER
407 Kari Kloc Ron Sieracki 3D FUNCTIONAL: MIXED MEDIA
209 Rita Skarha Amy Simpson & 3D Functional: Glass
417 Sorenson Al Painting: Acrylic Paint
409 Spears Angie 2D: MIXED MEDIA
326 Stoltz Ravit Jewelry: Mixed Media
202 Suarez Sarella Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
414 Tamrak Gracelynn & Ike 3D NON FUNCTIONAL: MIXED MEDIA
400 Tate Kelly Photography: Color & Black & White
337 Van Dyke Elke Jewelry: Metals
307 Igris Morales Danilo Vinardell & PAINTING: ACRYLIC PAINT
103 Ward Cheryl 2D: Mixed Media
101.5 Ward Steven Painting: Acrylic Paint
212 Wheat Stephanie 3D Functional: Leather
322 Wilson Scott Painting: Oil