Meet the Advisory Board

Carla Bank Painter
James Cole Photographer
David Dallison 2D Watercolor
Scott Fishman Photographer
Jason Fricke 2D Drawing
John Granata Photographer
Heather Hambrecht 3D Functional
Anne Hanley 2D Batik
Dale and Gail Horn Photographers
Kevin Lahvic Painter
Shelly Lawler Photopgrapher
Karina LLergo Painter
Amy Manning 3D Functional
Candace Marsella Jewelers
Jill Scales 3D Functional
Ezra Siegel 2D Mixed Media
Diana Widman Jeweler
James Wilbat 3D Non-Functional

Amdur Productions is always trying to make the art festival experience better for the artists and the community.  The Board discussed everything from festival times, activities, entertainment, to artist accommodations and new festivals. Our goal is to take these artists’ opinions and make our festivals the best they can be for the artists.

Thank you to our Advisory Board Members!
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