Waitlist Information

Wait list numbers are posted on juriedartservices.com. Log-in, click on “Manage Applications” and then click on the applicable festival name to view your wait list number.

Wait list numbers are by category. It is unpredictable how and when spaces will become available. When a wait list space becomes available, we will email or call by phone, leave a message if you are not there and give you 24 hours to respond as to whether you would like to take the space or not.

We will begin taking wait list artists after the registration deadline (different date depending on which festival) as spaces open up and continue through the day of the festival. Artists will be taken as spaces open in their category by lowest number first. That means that a wait list 1 will be taken before a 2 in that category, etc.

Wait list artists may also come to a show on set-up day and wait for a “no show” space at the festival. Typically there are spaces, that for various reasons, open up on a festival weekend and we will fill them with wait list artists who are present. There are no guarantees.

Artists who have a wait list number followed by the words “no booth” should send in an image of their booth display for review and will then be re-ranked accordingly.

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