Testimonials from vendors, artists, & festival attendees
JACKIE PHINNEY Jewelry Maker: Mixed Media image 3Jackie Phinney
Kudos from Jewelry Artist Jackie Phinney!

Dave and I have enjoyed working with you and your team for the past 15 years. Everything was always well organized and you had a great staff.

Jackie Phinney
April 19, 2021
Diane Allison, Jewelry and Glass Maker
Diane Allison Kudos from Art Smart Seminar

That was a great help for those of us who have not participated live yet.
Thank you for all the helpful hints!

Diane Allison, Jewelry and Glass Maker
Vern and Vic Overall
Kudos from Art Smart Seminar for New and Emerging Artists

GREAT SHOW!!!! Took a lot of good notes with good ideas. Great presentation. You guys did a really good job. Vic and I thoroughly enjoyed listing to your tips, pics, and booth ideas. WAY TO GO!!

Vern and Vic Overall
Kudos from Pam Green!

Thanks so much. You and Amy have been invaluable resources to me these last few months. So appreciated

Artist Pam Green
Email December 21, 2020
Toril Fisher, 2D Artist
Kudos from Toril Fisher

Amy and the rest of the team at Amdur Productions has been such an incredible resource of encouragement, support and industry knowledge during this pandemic. I'm so grateful for all of you.

Toril Fisher, 2D Artist
Janice Czerwinski, Art Show Artist
Kudos from Artist on Art Walks

I am grateful to all of you for moving ahead with Art Walks this summer! With the COVID guidelines and professional staff at Amdurit, it was a very successful season for me!

Janice Czerwinski, Art Show Artist
October 2020, Email
Bobby Harr, Glass Artist
Art Walk at the Glen Kudos

Thanks to you, Amy and everyone. Great first Show, especially considering all the restrictions you were under.

Bobby Harr, Glass Artist
Melody Litwiller-Knopek
Kudos on Art Smart Seminar: Virtual Art Fests

I just wanted to tell you guys again how much we appreciate your webinars... You guys do a AWESOME job with yours. Love love love that you acknowledge everyone that you make it personal and that you do the questions and involve everyone. Kudos we give you a A++.

Melody Litwiller-Knopek
Email May 18, 2020
RUSSELL ERICKSON 2D: Mixed Media image 4Russell Erickson, Mixed Media Artist
Art Smart Seminar Kudos

Thank you so much for hosting the live jury review! I found it VERY interesting and helpful.

Russell Erickson, Mixed Media Artist
Email May 11, 2020
Fiona Purdy, Gedion Nyanhongo Sculptures
Live Image Review Kudos!

Thank you so much for the webinar, it was invaluable and I got so much great information from it! And so generous to make it free!
You guys rock!

Fiona Purdy, Gedion Nyanhongo Sculptures
Email May 10, 2020
Jeanne Akita
Art Smart Live Jury Image Review Kudos

At first, let me say a HUGE thank you for today's webinar, it was super helpful and I wish I knew this information 5 years ago

Jeanne Akita
Email May 9, 2020
David Bloom, David Bloom Fine Art
Kudos from Art Smart Live Jury Review

Terrific seminar! This is very good for civilians as well as artists.

David Bloom, David Bloom Fine Art
Email May 9, 2020
Diana Widman, Jewelry Maker & Designer

Honestly, I think you guys do a fantastic job... It's just well-organized and very professional.

Diana Widman, Jewelry Maker & Designer
Painter, Jackie Schomburg
Thank You!

Thank you for a great show season at Glencoe & Port Clinton! It’s good to be back & I appreciate the advice & tips you’ve taken the time to share with my husband and I. Looking forward to coming back even better next summer!

Painter, Jackie Schomburg
Promila Kumar, New 2019 Exhibiting Painter
Thank You from New Artist!

Thank you all for your Hard work in getting it well organised.
This was our first venture with your organization and we liked it.

Promila Kumar, New 2019 Exhibiting Painter
Jim & Cindy Pierson, Jewelry Artists
Kudos from Jim & Cindy Pierson

Dear Amy and Caitlin
We, too, want to thank you for your excellent organizational efforts and your accommodations on our behalf. Every one of the shows we did with you were financially beyond our expectations, even Glencoe in the rain.

Jim & Cindy Pierson, Jewelry Artists
Margaret Hall, Exhibiting Glass Artist
Kudos from Glass Artist, Margaret Hall

Thank you!! I definitely will look forward to working with you again next year!

Margaret Hall, Exhibiting Glass Artist
Dale Horn Photo black and white and color image 3Dale & Gail Horn, Exhibiting Photographers
Thank You from Photographers Dale & Gail!

Thank you guys for everything! Miss you all already! Come visit us in Florida!


You have all become family!

Dale & Gail Horn, Exhibiting Photographers
Melanie Rolfes & Michael Zavison, Collaborating 2D Mixed Media Artists
Kudos from Melanie Rolfes & Michael Zavison

Thank you and your team for running professional wonderful shows! Always a pleasure working with you.

Melanie Rolfes & Michael Zavison, Collaborating 2D Mixed Media Artists
BRIAN HORAN Photo black and white and color image 4Brian Horan, Exhibiting Photographer
Kudos from Photographer, Brian Horan!

Thank You to all the staff for making things a little easier every show .

Brian Horan, Exhibiting Photographer
Steve Wewerka, Photographer
Thank You from Steve Wewerka!

Thank you. You are an amazing staff and I look forward the many more great shows.

Steve Wewerka, Photographer
Jason Fricke, 2D Artist
Thank You from 2D Artist, Jason Fricke

Hi Caitlin and Amy,
I want to thank both of you for all of
your kindness and guidance over the years…..
I send my heartfelt thanks for the
years we have worked together and will continue to recommend Amdur Productions to as many artists as I can.

Jason Fricke, 2D Artist
Gina Muxo Ramos
Thank You!

First of all I wanted to thank you again for all of your help and patience during the shows, it was truly a pleasure working with you and we are looking forward to participating next year.

Gina Muxo Ramos
Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita
Thank You!

Thanks for putting on a good show for the first year in Andersonville

Stacy Rauba & Yutaka Fujita
SMADAR LIVNE Painting: Acrylic Paint image 2Painter Smadar Livne
Thank You from Painter Smadar Livne

Dear Amy
I want to thank you for all of the shows this summer .
You are wonderful and you make the shows
Very exciting and beautiful events .
Thank you 🙏
For everything you do

Painter Smadar Livne
Painters, Danilo Vinardell & Igris Morales
Thanks for Artists Danilo Vinardell and Igris Morales

Thank you very much for everything, very grateful. They are a great team. We will gladly return to work for next season. It was a pleasure.

Painters, Danilo Vinardell & Igris Morales
XAVIER NUEZ Photo color image 1Xavier Nuez
Kudos from Oakbrook Fine Art Festival!

But beyond that, Amy's entire staff is always incredible especially you and Noel! ... And of course Amy, she's the best 😊 among her many talents, she sure knows how to hire good people!
Please let Amy know how much I appreciate all of you...

Xavier Nuez
Artist Roger Mathews
Thank You from Roger Mathews

Sweet Caitlin, would you please Amy two things, first, of all the director pep talks I've ever heard, hers this year was the most moving!! thank her, and the breakfast was quite fine too !! Second, of all the shows I've done in the greater Chicago area, 2019 Port Clinton surpassed them all!! 40%more than last year!!!!!!! Thank you all!!!!!!!

Artist Roger Mathews
Port Clinton Art Festival

I wanted to say hello and thank you and the rest of the Amdur team for organizing a wonderful show last weekend. Amdur shows are always well organized, but handling a show that size is a challenge. And the extra space between the booths was fantastic!!

Terri Hickey
Joan Michlin & Port Clinton

Thanks for a stellar Port Clinton !
The stars - and weather -aligned for a great show, with many long term Collectors and new folks .
Love the new layout . It seemed to create more continuity and a great flow.
Just wanted to take a moment and thank ALL of you at Team Amdur for being the most professional in the Biz!
Good luck with the remainder of your 2019 Events !

Joan Michlin
Jayne Colwill
Thanks from Artist!

I just wanted to thank you & Amy once again for the boot camps which helped me prepare so well for Glencoe. Plus, Glencoe was by far the best organized fair I’ve done to date.

Jayne Colwill
Thank You from Whitefish Bay!

I wanted to thank you and your team for putting on a amazing, kick butt event. Our expectations were exceeded and we are very happy and tired, like you and your team I’m guessing.

Jeff Commer, Whitefish Bay BID
Thank You from Ande Axelrod on Chicago Botanic Garden Art Festival

Thank you and your team for an amazing job at the Garden show. The service and organization is really unparalleled. I was so pleasantly surprised how smoothly take down went. And in particular, I appreciated your advice in improving my booth layout for my first time there.

Ande Axelrod, Chicago Botanic Garden Art Festival Artist
Thank You from St. Mary Medical Center

Good Morning, I want to thank you and your staff for how professional and courteous they were. Amy is a gem and I loved working with this group.
I look forward to doing this again in 2020. We did see a great number of visitors and made some new friends.
(Valparaiso Art Festival 2019)

Denise Thomas, St. Mary Medical Center
Thank You from Sandra Erden!

I thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to show my pieces and this great event (Gold Coast Art Fair). I love your hospitality and the great efforts you put to organize such a wonderful Art Festival.

Sandra Erden, Jeweler
Gold Coast from Kathleen Murphy Willer

GOLD COAST was a very nice show! The attendees were qualified and art knowledgeable! I loved seeing the banners on the lampposts around Chicago. Thank you for the nice security presence too.

Kathleen Murphy Willer
Paul Roberts Thanks on Gold Coast!

We had a blast and it is a perfect setting with the best skyline views you will find anywhere! A great weekend all around!
Ps: I sold 15 paintings a Gold Coast with a couple still deciding!!

Paul Roberts
Thank You from Terry Cunningham!

Thank you and everyone else at Amdur for the Barrington show last weekend. I was so excited by the response to my jewelry, actually had my highest grossing show ever! Everyone at Amdur was so nice and helpful.

Terry Cunningham
May 28, 2019
Kudos from Stewart Rein Photography

Lill and I want to thank you, Amy, and all of the Amdur staff for running what we consider to be the gold standard for organization.... Our work was well received in Chicagoland and we credit Amdur for making our success possible. Thanks again.

Stewart Rein, Stewart Rein Photography
Thank You Art Fest Boot Camp!

My name is Edie Kasten and I attended Saturday's "Boot Camp" and just loved it.
(I have the hand knitting business) I learned SO much and you really helped me figure out a path for what I want to do!
The event was fun and filled with so much interesting information.
I will apply for some shows... I hope what I do will fit.
But no matter, I learned things that will be valuable for life in general!

Edie Kasten
December 3, 2018
Thank You from Clayton Bell

I want to thank you and your staff for conducting two very well run shows at Evanston and Port Clinton last month which I participated in and did very well.  I appreciated the friendliness of your staff….and their smiles.

Clayton Bell, 3D Stone Artist
September 2018
Thank You from Heather Hambrecht!

The Deer Park Art Show is a sweet little gem for the Amdur season...with an intimate number of artists & a nice flow of art patrons..the clientele attending the show are genuinely supporting the artists & interacting amidst the festivities...with an incredibly easy load-in & load out, this show makes for a lovely weekend.

Heather Hambrecht, Leather Artist
November 2018