Attention ArtistsBooth Numbers are subject to change. All artists are required to check-in before setting up at the festival.

2018 Chicago Botanic Garden Art Festival

Artist List & Booth Numbers
Alex Ainger
Booth 14
Joanna Alot-Ciecholewski
Booth 77
Susan Anderson
Booth 72
David Barkby
Booth 41
Kali Basi
Booth 46
Brian Beam
Booth 53
Eric Beauchamp
Booth 94
Barbara Beckman
Booth 68
Amy Beeler
Booth 80
Booth 61
Marvin Blackmore
Booth 17
Richard Borden & Patricia Disantis
Booth 30.5 Shop Now
Spirit & Samuel Bush
Booth 90
Kyle Carpenter
Booth 11
Jessica Dougherty
Booth 27
Tammy Easton
Booth 48
Barbra Espey
Booth 32
Mitch Evans
Booth 31
Paul Farmer
Booth 12
Victor Field & Megan Huston
Booth 56 Shop Now
Lynn Floriano
Booth 65
Lee Galusha
Booth 76
Booth 2
Julio Garcia
Booth 85.5
Mike Gibson
Booth 18
Rob Gilmore
Booth 33
FaithAnn Givings
Booth 79
April Graves
Booth 59
John Guertin
Booth 37
Susan Harbourt
Booth 6
C A & Nina Harris
Booth 67
Booth 73
Bruce Holmberg & Nachshon Peleg
Booth 63
Shamila Jiwa
Booth 39
Lori Kammeraad
Booth 84
Rebecca Kay
Booth 24
Seung Jae Kim
Booth 21
Booth 89
Lisa Kleppinger
Booth 34
Rezgar Mamandi
Booth 3
Andrew Manaylo
Booth 2.5
Booth 1
Justin & Melanie Mckenney
Booth 60 Shop Now
Josh Merrill
Booth 12.5
Michael Mikottis
Booth 40
Judith Miller
Booth 22
Brad Patterson
Booth 75
Reza Pishgahi
Booth 74
Randy & Kitsana Polk
Booth 85
Monique Rancourt
Booth 13
Booth 15
Gwendolyn Redfern
Booth 38
Jane Roberti
Booth 23
Roy & Vivian Rodriguez
Booth 62
Mamood Sabzi
Booth 44
Robin Satterthwaite
Booth 57
Suzanne Schmid
Booth 45
Barbara Schmidt
Booth 97
Babs Schnabl
Booth 10
Paz Sintes
Booth 47
Booth 87
Paul Stacey
Booth 5
Thomas Tampa
Booth 9
Howard Tatar
Booth 19
Peter Theobald
Booth 25
Michael Thiele
Booth 7.5
Alla Tsank
Booth 20
Holly Ulm
Booth 55
John Van De Merkt
Booth 64
Cheryl Ward
Booth 35
Steven Ward
Booth 36
Adam Weiss
Booth 8
Lisa Williams
Booth 82
Booth 50
Joe Zinn
Booth 78
Booth # Last Name First Name Art Shop
14 Ainger Alex 3D Functional: Metals
77 Alot-Ciecholewski Joanna 3D Functional: Fiber
72 Anderson Susan 2D: Ceramics
30 Baker Josh Photo black and white and color
41 Barkby David 3D Non Functional: Wood
29 Barsanti Joanne 2D: Mixed Media
46 Basi Kali
53 Beam Brian 3D Functional: Ceramics
94 Beauchamp Eric 2D: Wood
68 Beckman Barbara 2D: Glass
80 Beeler Amy Jewelry: Gold/Silver
61 Bevan Jacqueline Jewelry: Glass
17 Blackmore Marvin
88 Bolen Vicki 2D: Mixed Media
30.5 Patricia Disantis Richard Borden & 2D: Mixed Media
90 Bush Spirit & Samuel Jewelry: Mixed Media
93 Calhoun Alice 3D Non Functional: Metals
11 Carpenter Kyle 3D Functional: Ceramics
58 Cutler Louise Painting: Mixed Media
51 Delgado Lilian Painting: Oil Paint
27 Dougherty Jessica 3D Functional: Ceramics
48 Easton Tammy 3D Functional: Mixed Media
32 Espey Barbra 3D Functional: Mixed Media
31 Evans Mitch 2D: Mixed Media
12 Farmer Paul Jewelry: Gold/Silver
42 Ferguson Diana Jewelry: Mixed Media
56 Megan Huston Victor Field & 2D: Ceramics
65 Floriano Lynn Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
76 Galusha Lee 3D Non Functional: Paper
2 Gao Wayne 3D Non-Functional: Mixed Media
85.5 Garcia Julio 2D: Mixed Media
18 Gibson Mike Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
33 Gilmore Rob Photo: Color
79 Givings Faith Ann 3D Non-Functional: Ceramics
81 Gould Jennifer 3D Non Functional: Fiber
59 Graves April Photo color
37 Guertin John 3D Functional: Wood
6 Harbourt Susan Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
67 Harris C A and Nina 3D Functional: Leather
73 Henrichsen Tom Painting: Oil Paint
63 Holmberg and Peleg Bruce and Nachshon 3D Functional: Metals
39 Jiwa Shamila Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
84 Kammeraad Lori 2D: Metals
24 Kay Rebecca 3D Non-Functional: Mixed Media
83 Kerr Deborah Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
21 Kim Seung Jae Photo black and white
89 Kissel Romy 2D: Mixed Media
34 Kleppinger Lisa Jewelry: Gold/Silver
49 Lawler Shelly Photo: color
43 Leintz Tanya Painting: Mixed Media
3 Mamandi Rezgar 3D Functional: Mixed Media
2.5 Manaylo Andrew Painting: Oil Paint
69 Marsella Candace Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
16 Mason Dorothy Painting: Mixed Media
1 Matthews Mark 3D Non Functional: Metals
60 Mckenney Justin 3D Functional: Ceramics
12.5 Merrill Josh Photo black and white and color
40 Mikottis Michael Painting: Acrylic Paint
22 Miller Judith 2D: Ceramics
54 Nye Christine Painting: Acrylic Paint
75 Patterson Brad 3D Functional: Ceramics
74 Pishgahi Reza 3D Non Functional: Glass
85 Polk Randy Jewelry Maker & Designer: Gold and/or Silver
13 Rancourt Monique Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
15 Ray Dennis Jewelry: Mixed Media
38 Redfern Gwendolyn 2D: Watercolor
26 Repke Anna 2D: Fiber
23 Roberti Jane Jewelry: Metals
62 Rodriguez Roy 2D: Mixed Media
62.5 Rujuwa Peter 3D Non-Functional: Stone
44 Sabzi Mamood
57 Satterthwaite Robin Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
45 Schmid Suzanne Jewelry: Mixed Media
97 Schmidt Barbara 2D: Ceramics
7 Schmith Mary Jo 3D Functional: Ceramics
10 Schnabl Babs 2D: Mixed Media
47 Sintes Paz Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
87 Sobanski Greg 3D Functional: Mixed Media
91 Spraul Barbara Painting: Oil Paint
5 Stacey Paul 2D: Drawing
9 Tampa Thomas 3D Functional: Wood
28 Tantillo Stephanie Jewelry Maker & Designer: Glass
19 Tatar Howard Photo black and white and color
66 Thaddeus Peter 2D: Acrylic Paint
25 Theobald Peter Painting: Acrylic Paint
7.5 Thiele Michael
20 Tsank Alla Painting: Oil Paint
55 Ulm Holly Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
64 Van De Merkt John 3D Functional: Wood
35 Ward Cheryl 2D: Mixed Media
36 Ward Steven Painting: Acrylic Paint
8 Weiss Adam 3D Non Functional: Metals
52 Widman Diana Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
86 Widmer Don 2D: Paper
82 Williams Lisa Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
50 Yan Vern 2D: Fiber
78 Zinn Joe 3D Functional: Wood