Attention ArtistsBooth Numbers are subject to change. All artists are required to check-in before setting up at the festival.

Deer Park Art Show

Booth Numbers
Valerie Abramat
Booth 52.5
Anna Algers
Booth 11
Petr Bednarik
Booth 1
Al Buschauer
Booth 14
Camille Carr
Booth 43
Andrew Christen
Booth 10
Booth 7
Ben Zion David & Elizabeth Pena
Booth 23
Holly Droz
Booth 45
Julie Foster
Booth 2
Aaron Furuseth & Anh Nguyen
Booth 19
Zina Gelman
Booth 64
Karen Gollhardt
Booth 18
Heather Hambrecht
Booth 50
Virginia Jennings
Booth 53
Seung Jae Kim
Booth 66
Betty Kirk
Booth 60
Beverly Kontney
Booth 46
Booth 26
Andrea Luttenberger
Booth 45.5
Arlaina Marie
Booth 8
Julie Matos
Booth 49
Matthew Mayes
Booth 48.5
Benji & Romina Miller
Booth 25
Sue Neel
Booth 41
Ronnis Oher
Booth 16
Lou Pierozzi
Booth 41.5
Christina Plichta
Booth 62
Corrie Rosati
Booth 27
Meghan Ryan
Booth 22
James Sandoval
Booth 56
Sam Seigel and Austin Dickel
Booth 28/29 Shop Now
Eric Silva
Booth 13
Booth 59.5
Scott Sternberg
Booth 65
Sarella Suarez
Booth 5
jennifer walker
Booth 5
Noah Wandrey
Booth 67
Rosie Wilhelm
Booth 42
Booth 15
Booth # Last Name First Name Art Shop
52.5 Abramat Valerie Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
11 Algers Anna 3D Functional: Fiber
1 Bednarik Petr Photo color
14 Buschauer Al 2D: Mixed Media
43 Carr Camille Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
10 Christen Andrew 2D: Wood
7 Cohen Jackie Jewelry: Gold/Silver
23 David Benzion Jewelry Maker: Gold and/or Silver
20 Driscoll Jessie & Dan Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
45 Droz Holly Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
61 Fedorko Tetyana Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
2 Foster Julie Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
19 Furuseth Aaron 2D: Paper
64 Gelman Zina Jewelry Designer: Metals
18 Gollhardt Karen Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
50 Hambrecht Heather 3D Functional: Leather
63 Harr Bobby 2D: Glass
52 Hess Heidi 3D Functional: Fiber
53 Jennings Virginia Painting: Mixed Media
66 Kim Seung Jae Photo black and white
60 Kirk Betty 3D Functional: Fiber
46 Kontney Beverly Jewelry Maker & Designer: Gold and/or Silver
4 Krawez Gina 2D: Acrylic Paint
26 Livne Smadar Painting: Mixed Media
45.5 Luttenberger Andrea
8 Marie Arlaina 2D: Mixed Media
51 Marsella Candace Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
40.5 Mason Barb Jewelry: Mixed Media
49 Matos Julie Jewelry: Metals
21 Maurer Elizabeth 3D Functional: Fiber
48.5 Mayes Matthew Painting: Acrylic Paint
25 Miller Romina Jewelry: Mixed Media
41 Neel Sue Jewelry Maker & Designer: Glass
16 Oher Ronnis 2D: Mixed Media
59 Parisi Nicole Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
41.5 Pierozzi Lou
62 Plichta Christina Painting: Oil Paint
68 Reed Dana and Scott Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
24 Rein Stewart Photo black and white and color
27 Rosati Corrie
22 Ryan Meghan 2D: Printmaking
56 Sandoval James
28/29 Austin Dickel Sam Seigel and 3D Functional: Metals
44 Sharp James 3D Functional: Fiber
13 Silva Eric
59.5 Sobanski Greg 3D Functional: Mixed Media
65 Sternberg Scott Photo: Color
5 Suarez Sarella Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
5 Walker Jennifer Jewelry Maker: Metals
67 Wandrey Noah
42 Wilhelm Rosie Painting: Oil Paint
15 YU ZUXIN Painting: Acrylic Paint