Attention ArtistsBooth Numbers are subject to change. All artists are required to check-in before setting up at the festival.


Booth Numbers
Anjum Ahmed
Booth TBD
Camille Carr
Booth TBD
Annette Fiscelli
Booth TBD
Isabelle Gougenheim
Booth TBD
Lee Harris
Booth TBD
Patricia Heller
Booth TBD
Debby Henning
Booth TBD
Ryan Lapeer
Booth TBD
Michael Schur
Booth TBD
Michelle Starbuck Amos
Booth TBD
Lee Stein
Booth TBD
Patricia Talbot
Booth TBD
John Van De Merkt
Booth TBD
Booth # Last Name First Name Art Shop
TBD Ahmed Anjum
TBD Barella Jackie 2D: Wood
TBD Carr Camille Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
TBD Fedorko Tetyana Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
TBD Fiscelli Annette 3D Functional: Mixed Media
TBD Gougenheim Isabelle
TBD Harris Lee
TBD Heller Patricia 2D: Fiber
TBD Henning Debby
TBD Lapeer Ryan 2D: Mixed Media
TBD McDermid Dawn 2D: Fiber
TBD Schur Michael
TBD Soffer Ann Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
TBD Starbuck Amos Michelle
TBD Stein Lee
TBD Talbot Patricia 2D: Mixed Media
TBD Van De Merkt John 3D Functional: Wood