Attention ArtistsBooth Numbers are subject to change. All artists are required to check-in before setting up at the festival.

2018 Millennium Art Festival

Booth Numbers
Fred Albrecht
Booth 102.5
Mary Arroyo-Ortiz
Booth 19
Alejandra Avila
Booth 7
Booth 171
Salem Barker
Booth 10
Juan Barreneche & Daniel Schemel
Booth 56
Kali Basi
Booth 110
Christine Bishop
Booth 163
Dragos Burghiu
Booth 161
Tracey Capone
Booth 116
Robert & Michelle Casarietti
Booth 24.5 Shop Now
Soo Chang
Booth 117
Helen Chen
Booth 100
Booth 15
James Cole
Booth 62
Mike Coleman
Booth 99
Kim Cullen
Booth 153/154
Cindy Cumming
Booth 45
John Denis
Booth 63
Christopher Doherty
Booth 51
Josiah Eidmann
Booth 31
Pamela England & Frank Borelli
Booth 114
N. Irena Farejowicz
Booth 40
Booth 60
Masako Friedenberg
Booth 158
Julie Furgat
Booth 25
Aaron Furuseth & Anh Nguyen
Booth 27
Julio Garcia
Booth 106
Marelvi Gaxhaj
Booth 169
Mike Gibson
Booth 11
Booth 23
Heather Hambrecht
Booth 29
Ali Hasmut
Booth 16
Vivian Huang
Booth 162
Percy Roger Iglesias
Booth 168
Igors Irbe
Booth 55
Ann Jalsa
Booth 54
Devin Johnson
Booth 123
Jill Kerns & Candyce Richards
Booth 103
Seung Jae Kim
Booth 109
Betty Kirk
Booth 102
David Kring
Booth 98
Kenneth Kudulis
Booth 18
Sarah Landon
Booth 27.5
Kristen Langelier & Jessica McMillan
Booth 155
Ryan Lapeer
Booth 97
Steven Lloyd
Booth 174
Rezgar Mamandi
Booth 26
Andrew Manaylo
Booth 107
Joan Marhula
Booth 59
Ed Martin
Booth 30
Matthew Mayes
Booth 172
Kurt Merkel
Booth 69
Holly Morningstar
Booth 101
Jackie Mortillaro
Booth 167
Victoria Mountz
Booth 36
Jackson Ocheltree
Booth 49
Booth 53
Liliana Olmos
Booth 120
Roy Owens
Booth 156
Tiffany Piazza
Booth 44
John Post
Booth 37
Arthur Ragauskas & Vilma Birbilaite
Booth 20
Ken Reif
Booth 51.5
Raymond Ruggeri & Butch Harrison
Booth 34
Booth 57
Mamood Sabzi
Booth 67
Steve Schrier
Booth 17
Ester Scotte
Booth 157
Booth 4
Matthew Shields
Booth 22
Paz Sintes
Booth 13
Joseph Smigielski
Booth 115
Booth 38
Sarella Suarez
Booth 33
Laverne Thorpe
Booth 2
Holly Ulm
Booth 24
Daniel Vidaillet
Booth 111
Booth 46
W Scott Wilson
Booth 121
Lidia Wylangowska
Booth 5
May Xiong
Booth 48.5
Booth 118
Joe Zinn
Booth 122.5
Booth # Last Name First Name Art Shop
102.5 Albrecht Fred 3D Non Functional: Mixed Media
19 Arroyo-Ortiz Mary 2D: Mixed Media
7 Avila Alejandra 3D Functional: Leather
171 BARCENA SERGIO Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
10 Barker Salem 3D Non-Functional: Wood
56 Barreneche/Schemel Juan/Daniel 3D Functional: Mixed Media
110 Basi Kali
163 Bishop Christine Painting: Oil Paint
35.5 Bolen Vicki 2D: Mixed Media
161 Burghiu Dragos
116 Capone Tracey Photo black and white and color
24.5 Casarietti Robert & Michelle Painting: Acrylic Paint
117 Chang Soo Painting: Acrylic Paint
100 Chen Helen Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
119 Coglianese Matthew 2D: Digital
15 Cohen Jackie Jewelry: Gold/Silver
62 Cole James Photo black and white and color
153/154 Cullen Kim Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
45 Cumming Cindy 3D Functional: Fiber
3 Delgado Lilian Painting: Oil Paint
63 Denis John 3D Non Functional: Glass
8.5 Dennison Jd Photo color
51 Doherty Christopher Photo: Color
31 Eidmann Josiah 2D: Wood
114 Frank Borelli Pamela England & 3D Functional: Leather
40 Farejowicz N. Irena 2D: Fiber
28 Fedorko Tetyana Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
60 FISHMAN SCOTT Photo color
12 Fincher Scott Photo black and white and color
173 Fischer Val Painting: Acrylic Paint
104 Forestall Bob 3D Functional: Wood
158 Friedenberg Masako Jewelry: Mixed Media
25 Furgat Julie Jewelry Maker & Designer: Gold and/or Silver
27 Furuseth Aaron 2D: Paper
106 Garcia Julio 2D: Mixed Media
41 Garzon Carolina Painting: Mixed Media
169 Gaxhaj Marelvi 3D Functional: Mixed Media
11 Gibson Mike Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
43 Grimmer Alex 2D: Mixed Media
23 GUZ JANUSZ Photo black and white and color
29 Hambrecht Heather 3D Functional: Leather
112 Harr Bobby 2D: Glass
16 Hasmut Ali Painting: Oil Paint
68 Hersch Mark Photography: Color & Black & White
35 Hess Heidi 3D Functional: Fiber
160 Hisir Kyle Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
162 Huang Vivian Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
168 Iglesias Percy Roger Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
55 Irbe Igors 2D: Digital
54 Jalsa Ann Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
32 Johnson Andrea 2D: Mixed Media
123 Johnson Devin Jewelry: Mixed Media
103 Kerns Jill Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
113 Kerr Deborah Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
109 Kim Seung Jae Photo black and white
102 Kirk Betty 3D Functional: Fiber
9 Kraig Jack Photo: Color
98 Kring David 3D Functional: Ceramics
18 Kudulis Kenneth Painting: Acrylic Paint
65 Lahvic Kevin Painting: Mixed Media
27.5 Landon Sarah Painting: Acrylic Paint
155 Jessica McMillan Kristen Langelier & 2D: Mixed Media
97 Lapeer Ryan 2D: Mixed Media
60.5 Lehman Lindsey Jewelry Maker & Designer: Gold and/or Silver
1 Llergo Karina Painting: Oil Paint
174 Lloyd Steven 2D: Metals
26 Mamandi Rezgar 3D Functional: Mixed Media
107 Manaylo Andrew Painting: Oil Paint
59 Marhula Joan 2D: Mixed Media
64 Marsella Candace Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
30 Martin Ed 3D Non Functional: Glass
172 Mayes Matthew Painting: Acrylic Paint
108 McDermid Dawn 2D: Fiber
8 Mckenney Justin 3D Functional: Ceramics
69 Merkel Kurt 2D: Mixed Media
175 Minuchin Marcos Photo: Black and White and Color
101 Morningstar Holly 2D: Watercolor
167 Mortillaro Jackie
36 Mountz Victoria Jewelry: Mixed Media
14 Nuez Xavier Photo color
49 Ocheltree Jackson 3D Non-Functional: Glass
53 Offord Heather Painting: Acrylic Resin
120 Olmos Liliana Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
156 Owens Roy
44 Piazza Tiffany Jewelry: Gold/Silver
37 Post John 2D: Wood
20 RAGAUSKAS ARTHUR Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
58 Reed Dana and Scott Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
51.5 Reif Ken Painting: Oil Paint
48 Rosengard Sue Jewelry Maker & Designer: Gold and/or Silver
34 Ruggeri and Harrison Raymond and Butch 3D Functional: Mixed Media
176 Rujuwa Peter 3D Non-Functional: Stone
57 Ryan Marcus Photo: Color
67 Sabzi Mamood
17 Schrier Steve 2D: Wood
157 Scotte Ester 2D: Mixed Media
4 Seeman Chris 2D: Metals
164 Sharp James 3D Functional: Fiber
22 Shields Matthew 3D Functional: Mixed Media
13 Sintes Paz Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
115 Smigielski Joseph Painting: Oil Paint
38 Sobanski Greg 3D Functional: Mixed Media
39 Soffer Ann Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
33 Suarez Sarella Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
66 Tantillo Stephanie Jewelry Maker & Designer: Glass
21 Thaddeus Peter 2D: Acrylic Paint
2 Thorpe Laverne 3D Functional: Glass
24 Ulm Holly Jewelry Maker & Designer: Mixed Media
105 Ulman Jason Photo black and white and color
111 Vidaillet Daniel 3D Non-Functional: Metals
122.7 Vitale Caitlin Photo black and white and color
46 Vroom Wendy Photo color
166 Waite William 3D Functional: Wood
121 Wilson Scott Painting: Oil
5 Wylangowska Lidia Painting: Oil Paint
48.5 Xiong May 3D Functional: Ceramics
118 YU ZUXIN Painting: Acrylic Paint
122.5 Zinn Joe 3D Functional: Wood