FAQ’s for Applying

What are the Jurors Looking for?

Cohesive body of work, originality, and point of view.

What are My Chances of Getting Into a Festival?

Every year there are a new panel of judges and a new group of artists. The only artists that are invited back are the award winners. There’s always a new opportunity to be accepted into the festivals every year!

What if I Don’t have a Booth Image?

If you don’t have a booth image, you can create a mock set up of your art with two walls for 2D work. You can use skirted tables or pedestals for jewelry and 3D art.

How Do I Upload Images for Jury?

Go to JuriedArtServices.com and follow this tutorial to create portfolios and upload images. If you need assistance, email support@jurying.net.

What If I Don’t Have a Tent?

If you don’t have a tent, you can rent one through us! We coordinate tent rentals with a professional tent company that sets up the tent with weights and cover walls and they take the tent down for you at the end of the festival. The fee for this is $275.

Can I still Edit My Application and Change My Images that I’ve Submitted?

Yes. You have up until the application deadline to switch out images, change the order of the images, or add your artist statement.

Which Category Should I Apply for?

Paintings: All media

2D: Flat art, not painting

Jewelry: All media

Photography: All techniques

3D Functional: Art with function

3D Non Functional: 3D sculptural work

What Makes Amdur Art Festivals Special?

Professionalism: Every staff member is knowledgeable in event planning coordinating and loves what they do

Extensive and Professional Marketing and Advertising

Real People: Staff members are always present and readily available to help the artists

Top Rated and Longstanding Festivals

Organization: Every detail in our festivals, from planning to production is thought out, reviewed, analyzed and executed to make the best art festival experience for all

What Do I Get for My Booth Fee?

  • Professional and knowledgable staff
  • Organized load in and out
  • Discounted hotel rooms close to the festival grounds
  • Information before festivals on everything you’ll need to know
  • Guidance on applying, registering, preparing for a show, load in, load out, and anything else you need or want to know
  • A large multi-layered marketing plan supports this show with ads running in newspapers, advertisements, on television, radio, posters, street banners, social media and through direct mail postcards. Professional public relations insure high visibility for this festival.
  • Over night security
  • Artist break room with snacks, water, and coffee.
  • Close parking accommodations for free or for a discounted price.
  • Signage for your booth with your name, media and booth number
  • Personalized postcards with your artwork featured to mail out and hand out to your clients
  • Amdur Productions staff is available to booth sit for artists throughout the entire festival
  • Working with a reputable, well established company with a reputation of putting on top rated art festival


Who Selects the Artists?

There is a panel of jurors who will be judging the artists who’ve applied for the art festivals. Jurors go through all of the images and assign them a point value. Then the scores are totaled and then artists are ranked according to their scores. We accept the first batch of artists depending on the number of available spaces.  As space becomes available, we then go to the waitlist and invite artists in order of rank and media.

Special Extra Tip: No detail is too small! When it comes to submitting jury images and a display image, the details matter. Whether it’s someone in your booth shot, a gaudy background, or poor lighting, it will effect your overall score.

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