Today, review and finish up your applications. Make any change you want in your statement or images. You can still change pictures through Juried Art Services up until the deadline of this Friday, January 26, 2018.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Application:

  • Are my art images clear and focused?
  • Are the 4 art images I chose the strongest 4 images for a body of work?
  • Is this the best booth display image I have?

Application deadline is this Friday, January 26, 2018! Questions? Call Caitlin at 847-926-4300.

Tuesday Tip: Try a New Art Technique

It’s a new year… Try a new art technique! If you’re a painter, take a class in ceramics.  Watch a YouTube video on a new technique. Go to a glass-blowing demonstration. Try materials you’ve never used before.

Trying something new will rejuvenate you and in turn, your art. You might incorporate your new skills and produce a brand new body of work. Or, maybe your brain just needs time away from the “norm” to make room for new ideas.

It’s a new year… go for it!

Tuesday Tip: Try a New Show!

This art festival season, try a new show and a new area!

New shows can:

  • Expand your customer base
  • Give you exposure in new cities
  • Keep you fresh with a new location and new scenery
  • Give you a chance to experience a new town or city

Apply to something new this year! Applications due January 26, 2018.

Pro Pass

Artists, Save Money with the new “Pro Pass”!
Use the Application Pro Pass and save money applying to shows.  The Pro Pass gives you the ability to apply to some or all of Amdur Productions’ festivals through Juried Art Services in 2018 for a flat fee of $150.  This offer is exclusive through the Juried Art Services portal only. The deadline for applying is January 26, 2018. CLICK HERE AND BUY YOUR PRO PASS NOW and start saving today!
The Pro Pass is available for purchase only through January 26, 2018 only.
Applications submitted after January 26, 2018 are included, but late fees will apply on a per show basis.
The Pro Pass is not transferable to any other artist or artist group.
The purchase of the Pro Pass is non-refundable.
Use of the Pro Pass does not guarantee acceptance into festivals.
The Pro Pass can be used to apply to the same festival more than once, but not in the same category.
The Pro Pass expires November 1, 2018.
To Use the Pro Pass:
  1. Click here to purchase the Pro Pass.
  2. A special code will be sent to you by email that you will use on the application page on Juried Art Services.
  3. Apply to some or all of the Amdur Productions shows and start enjoy your savings.
Please visit to see full festival rules.


Tuesday Tip: City Vs Suburban  

Of the 10,000+ art shows held annually, how do you pick the festivals that are best for you?

There are two general categories; city and suburban show. Here’s the skinny:

City Shows: Shows in big cities like Chicago or Milwaukee tend to have bigger and more diverse crowds. In cities, you can reach a broader audience in age range. In Chicago, the people seem to be more responsive to contemporary art.  If you do an art festival in a big city, having an extra person who can help you will really make a difference. An extra person can watch your booth while you take lunch breaks, help with greater security, help with load in and load out, and assist more customers.

Some good city shows to look at are Gold Coast Art Fair, Millennium Art Festival, artfest Michigan Avenue, and Southport Art Festival.

Suburban Shows: Shows in suburban settings are usually more relaxed and more easy-going. Typically the people at suburban shows have similar tastes in their lifestyles and design. Suburban shows are easier to do by yourself.

Some good suburban shows include: Port Clinton Art Festival, Art at the Glen, and Barrington Art Festival.

Let us know if you have specific questions about any of our shows!

Tuesday Tip: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Myth: “I know I’ve made it as an artist when I exhibit in art festivals across the country.”

Not necessarily. Some artists have said that traveling for them ended up not as beneficial as they hoped. Traveling is expensive and tiring. It’s also time spent outside of your studio when you could be making more art. Sometimes, it’s a more effective use of your time and money to stay around your area.

If you are considering traveling, try to coordinate your show schedule so that the art festivals line up geographically. This will help with your expenses on gas, oil changes, and wear and tear on your vehicle. You’ll be fresher for the art festivals, too!

We produce many shows that will line up geographically in the Midwest! Make your trip worthwhile. Call us at 947-926-4300 and we’ll help line up good shows for you.

Tuesday Tip: What Shows Should I Do?

For New Artists: Start with less expensive shows close to home. You may want to rent a tent or pro panel walls. To make it easier for you, at Amdur Productions, you can rent tents, tent weights, pro panel walls, and hire assistance for set up or load out!

For Experienced Festival Artists: The more expensive shows usually mean that they are well-established and have consistent and loyal crowds (think Port Clinton Art Festival and Gold Coast Art Fair). However, don’t rule out less expensive shows like; Barrington Art Festival, Promenade of Art Arlington Heights, Art Center’s Festival of Fine Arts, Printer’s Row Art Fest, and Third Ward Art Festival!

Save More! If you are going to travel, see if there are discounted hotel rates that are provided. At Amdur Productions, we work with local hotels and web based lodging companies to provide discounts on hotels and rental properties.

Amy Amdur’s Favorite Things about a Few Shows for 2018

“I love all the festivals we produce. They are like my children and I love them all. Shows that I am particularly excited about this year are listed below.
If you have any questions, please call or email us. Looking forward to seeing you soon!”

~Amy Amdur

“The Festival of Fine Arts holds a special place in my heart because I used to take classes at the Highland Park Art Center when I was a child! This festival benefits the Art Center and their scholarship programs. I feel it’s so important to encourage young people to make and learn about art! Click on the link below to read more and apply.”
“The Chicago Botanic Garden Art Festival is one of my favorites because of the location. The setting for this festival is on a grassy esplanade and tree-lined paths. The festival overlooks a beautiful lake with a stunning fountain. Mix in the great crowds and it makes for a perfect weekend! Click on the video to the right to hear more.”
Evanston Art & Big Fork Festival is 3 days of great art, live music, and really good local food. I lived in Evanston when I went to school at Northwestern. The people who live in Evanston love and appreciate art! It’s such a great feeling to be at this festival. To hear more about it, just click on the video!”
Artfest Michigan Avenue is my dream come true! I’ve long since envisioned this festival on the famous Mag Mile. This show has a truly magnificent location, with views of  Chicago ‘s famous Chicago Tribune and Wrigley Buildings. Thousands of people walk through the show daily. Click on the video to learn more!”
“The Port Clinton Art Festival was the first art festival I produced, The festival has grown to 265 artists and is rated one of the top 50 art festivals in the country. This festival has become a must attend event for people from near and far.  This is a high selling show.  Click on the video to learn more about it!”
All are festivals have different but great qualities!
Go to to read more about them and learn how to apply.
Applications are due January 26, 2018

$10 Off Jury Fee

* Sell your art 365 days a year
* No membership fee
* No image upload fee or maximum number of images
* You set your prices
* Pay only 18% when you sell

Join and save!
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click “Artists Sell your art” and follow the prompts
Step 3: Create your account and upload 4 or more images
Step 4: A coupon code will be emailed with instructions for $10 off your jury fee

Click here to get started!

Valid from December 8, 2017- January 26, 2018.  One use per artist or artist group.  Must be new to

Tuesday Tip: Complete Your Applications Today!

Today, make sure you’ve filled out and paid for all your show applications. The holiday season will soon take over with family, friends, and parties. Get apps done now and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Having trouble choosing shows? We’re happy to help! In each festival on our web site there is a “Festival Finder/Key Facts” section to help guide you. If you need some more insight, just call us at 847-926-4300!

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