Kudos from Artist Beth Forst!

“Amy and Associates, You all do a job that is not so easy. Thank you, for all your energies!!”

~ Beth Forst

Kudos from Artist Robin Nathan!

“I had very strong sales (Bling). Thanks again for the hard work.”

~ Robin Nathan, Palette Earth Designs

Kudos from Artist Delphine Pontvieux

“Thank you for putting together a great show. I really liked the way the booths looked and I will be looking forward to return next year.”

~ Delphine Pontvieux

Kudos from Artist John Teal Crutchfield!

“Thank you so much for running such great Summer shows great Attitude and organizations!!”

~ John Teal Crutchfield

Kudos from Mary Jo Schmith

“Thank you Amy, Omar, Caitlin, Kevin & Angie.  And all the other staff who work long week-end hours..but I’m afraid I don’t know the names!  Much appreciation!  Your shows are beautiful, welcoming & safe for both artists/vendors & patrons.”


~ Mary Jo Schmith

Kudos from Artist Lisa Kristine

“Thank You for you consistent and continued dedication to the Port Clinton show.”

~ Lisa Kristine

Kudos from Artist Diana Manning!

“I wanted to thank you for all you do to make your art shows well attended and smoothly ran. It makes a huge difference in the overall quality of a show.  I appreciate it and I know our customers do, as well. Thank you!”

~ Diana Manning

Kudos from Artist Paz Sintes

“Thanks for your kind words, excellent organization, patience and energy. It’s a pleasure to work with you and I’m grateful for the opportunity you give me to expand my business exhibiting at your shows.”

~ Paz Sintes

Kudos from Artist Howard Tatar

“Your staff continues to be a major asset of your company. They were responsive, competent and very friendly. I attribute this to YOU, since the culture of your organization starts at the top.”

~ Howard Tatar


Kudos from Art Lovers Catherine and Doug!

“We have been attending your art fairs (approx 8 per season) for many years now, and we just wanted to let you know that we REALLY enjoyed the new layout of the Port Clinton show last weekend. It was much easier to make your way around and not only showcased the art better, but also the downtown merchants. Also, having the food vendors in their new location worked well, too. The quality of artists was incredible! Keep up the great work!”

~ Catherine & Doug

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