Why Go to an Art Show?
So many choices of what to do on a summer weekend….We try to pack it into 3 months in Chicago. Why go to an art festival this weekend? Specifically the Southport Art Festival? Well….let me count the reasons:

1. Art enriches the soul. Nothing like a vitamin shot for the spirit. 100 artists to take in.
2. Art has been proven to be healing and calming. This means looking at art is good for your health.
3. Free. Looking at art at the Southport Art Festival is free. There is NO ADMISSION. Free is good.
4. Wheel friendly…whether you are pushing a double or triple stroller (thanks fertility docs) or are moving around on wheels or in a scooter…this fest is for you. The fest is all flat, no curbs or stairs. Come on down and enjoy. Handicap portolets too.
5. Get your steps in! Walking a fest is a great way to get your steps in..all you fit bit wearers.
6. Love life. Art Festivals are one of the top recommended destinations for dates. Move from texting to meeting..and do it at the Southport Art Festival. One day when you are married, you will look back on where you met, and might possible name your child Art.
7. Music to the ears…That is David Dallison. Accomplished and totally cool David plays guitar flanked by his oh so talented fellow musicians from the Main Stage Saturday 10-7 and Sunday 10-5. And…btw…free.
8. Learn….Talk to artists about their process…how they Made It. There’s more than paint by number here.
9. Studio to you…kind of like farm to table…but this is buying art directly from the maker. No big box art from unknown sources here. When you buy art, you are directly supporting a person who has made something by hand. Very green too.
10. Real Job, real art. Now that you have a real job, live in a real apartment/house, it is time for real art. There’s something for every budget too.

So, now that you are full of reasons to come to the Southport Art Festival, here’s what you need to know:
Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-5. On Southport north of Waveland.

Hosted by the Southport Neighbors Association.
Produced by Amdur Productions and Star Events.
For more, go to Amdurproductions.com

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