Attention ArtistsBooth Numbers are subject to change. All artists are required to check-in before setting up at the festival.

2021 Fall BAYSHORE Art & Artisan Fair

See and Shop from these Artists!
Patrick Altieri
Booth 206/207
Brooke Bartlett & Alyssa Neimeyer
Booth 312
Rolley Bateman III
Booth 207.5
Carol Beal
Booth 201
Jim Bowers
Booth 311
Cherie Burbach
Booth 316
Marco Bustillos
Booth 222
Jacqueline Cabessa Redlich
Booth 205.5 Shop Now
Raoul Calleja
Booth 327
Sandra Coenen
Booth 227/228
Maria Page
Booth 212
Sarah Dennis
Booth 331
Cecile Derel
Booth 211
Thom Ertl
Booth 309.5
Barbra Espey
Booth 218
Glen Etheridge
Booth 300
Vanessa Gerig
Booth 226
FaithAnn Givings
Booth 326
Paige Harris & Lori Spears
Booth 317
Aubrey Hogan
Booth 221
Vivian Huang
Booth 322
Percy Roger Iglesias
Booth 224
Brynn Kanikula
Booth 305
Nicole Kwasigroch
Booth 332
Julie Leutloff
Booth 226.5
Jean Ann Lipscomb
Booth 300.5
Conhg Lopez
Booth 334
Heidi Maas
Booth 304
Kate Marotz
Booth 315
Jose Muenala Anguaya
Booth 217
Chawn Murrah
Booth 217
Jolanta Nawrocka
Booth 303
Aureal Ojeda
Booth 333
Kristen Pacini
Booth 301
Pat Peterson & Kim Collins
Booth 213
Mengxi Li & Jordan Reznicek
Booth 328
Luke Schletzbaum
Booth 210
Uchita Shah
Booth 314
Ron Sieracki & Kari Kloc
Booth 214
Richard Sobkowiak
Booth 209
Susan Straus
Booth 223
Rosie Wilhelm
Booth 310
W Scott Wilson
Booth 203
May Xiong
Booth 225
Booth # Last Name First Name Art Shop
324 Akese-Burney Jennifer 3D Functional: Fiber
206/207 Altieri Patrick 3D FUNCTIONAL: MIXED MEDIA
329 Averhart Michele Jewelry Maker: Mixed Media
312 Alyssa Neimeyer Brooke Bartlett & 3d functional: stone
207.5 Bateman III Rolley Painting: Acrylic Paint
201 Beal Carol Jewelry
208 Belokurova Maria Jewelry: Mixed Media
311 Bowers Jim EMERGING ARTIST: photography
316 Burbach Cherie
222 Bustillos Marco
219 Bye Cynthia 2D: Fiber
205.5 Cabessa Redlich Jacqueline 2D: Acrylic Paint
327 Calleja Raoul
227/228 Coenen Sandra 3D NON FUNCTIONAL: Artisan Floral Arrangements
212 Page Maria Painting
331 Dennis Sarah 2D: MIXED MEDIA
211 Derel Cecile 3d functional: glass
309.5 Ertl Thom 2D: MIXED MEDIA
218 Espey Barbra 3D Functional: Mixed Media
300 Etheridge Glen 2D: DRAWING
306 Fedorko Tetyana Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
226 Gerig Vanessa
326 Givings Faith Ann 3D Non-Functional: Ceramics
317 Lori Spears Paige Harris & Jewelry: Mixed Media
308 Hess Heidi 3D Functional: Fiber
221 Hogan Aubrey 2d: wood
307 Holaday William 2D: Pastel
322 Huang Vivian Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
202 Hunt-Frank Sarah 3d functional: ceramics
224 Iglesias Percy Roger Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
305 Kanikula Brynn 3D FUNCTIONAL: FIBER
332 Kwasigroch Nicole Jewelry: Mixed Media
226.5 Leutloff Julie Jewelry: Mixed Media
300.5 Lipscomb Jean Ann 3D NON FUNCTIONAL: MIXED MEDIA
334 Lopez Conhg Painting
315 Marotz Kate 3d functional: ceramics
204 Marsella Candace Jewelry Designer: Mixed Media
217 Muenala Anguaya Jose Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
217 Murrah Chawn 2D: MIXED MEDIA
303 Nawrocka Jolanta
333 Ojeda Aureal Tea
213 Kim Collins Pat Peterson & emerging artist: 3d functional
328 Reznicek Mengxi Li & Jordan 3d functional: leather
210 Schletzbaum Luke 2D: DIGITAL
314 Shah Uchita Jewelry
214 Kari Kloc Ron Sieracki 3D FUNCTIONAL: MIXED MEDIA
209 Sobkowiak Richard 3D Functional: Wood
223 Straus Susan 3d functional: ceramics
330 Waddington Elizabeth 2D: Watercolor
313 Waite William 3D Functional: Wood
205 Wilbat James 3D Non-Functional: Glass
310 Wilhelm Rosie Painting: Oil Paint
203 Wilson Scott Painting: Oil
225 Xiong May 3D Functional: Ceramics