Attention ArtistsBooth Numbers are subject to change. All artists are required to check-in before setting up at the festival.

2022 Valparaiso Art Festival

See and Shop for these Artists!
Patrick Altieri
Booth 307/309
Jim Bowers
Booth 115
Kwang Cha Brown
Booth 132
Dawn Bryant
Booth 204/206
Diane Chyler
Booth 121
Claudia Darak
Booth 314
Jordan Delmonte
Booth 316
Barbra Espey
Booth 130
Hannah Feldman
Booth 122
Tobie Fitzpatrick
Booth 128
Ken & Mako Friedenberg
Booth 111
Steven Funk
Booth 304
Jason Gast
Booth 319
Sylvia Gray
Booth 312
Hailmanot Asfaw & Andrew Gamble
Booth 309
Jackie Kalin
Booth 201
Susana Langlois
Booth 120
Ryan Lapeer
Booth 302
Dave Lee
Booth 200
Mark Lisota
Booth 203
Rosalyn Manurung
Booth 113
Joan Marhula
Booth 306
Melvin McGee
Booth 301
Iwona Narolewska
Booth 308
Mary Arroyo-Ortiz
Booth 303
Maria Overlay
Booth 313
Tadas Raudzius
Booth 307
MILLIE richardson
Booth 315
Joey Seils
Booth 123
Steven Shundich
Booth 126
Mike Steddum
Booth 131
Debbie Van Gorp
Booth 124
Bruce Van Inwegen Digital
Booth 205
Rosie Wilhelm
Booth 300
Booth # Last Name First Name Art Shop
307/309 Altieri Patrick 3D FUNCTIONAL: MIXED MEDIA
125 Belokurova Maria Jewelry: Mixed Media
115 Bowers Jim EMERGING ARTIST: photography
132 Brown Kwang Cha Painting: Oil Paint
204/206 Bryant Dawn Painting
116 Chevli Rita Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
121 Chyler Diane 3D Functional: Mixed Media
314 Darak Claudia Jewelry: Metals
316 Delmonte Jordan Photography
130 Espey Barbra 3D Functional: Mixed Media
116 Fedorko Tetyana Jewelry Maker & Designer: Metals
122 Feldman Hannah 3D Non Functional: Mixed Media
305 Fincher Scott Photo black and white and color
128 Fitzpatrick Tobie emerging artist: jewelry
111 Friedenberg Ken & Mako Jewelry: Mixed Media
304 Funk Steven 2D: MIXED MEDIA
312 Gray Sylvia Painting: Mixed Media
309 & Andrew Gamble Hailmanot Asfaw Jewelry: Metals
127 Hunt-Frank Sarah 3d functional: ceramics
201 Kalin Jackie 2D Mixed Media
120 Langlois Susana Jewelry
302 Lapeer Ryan 2D: Mixed Media
200 Lee Dave 3d non functional: glass
113 Manurung Rosalyn 3D Functional Fiber
306 Marhula Joan 2D: Mixed Media
301 Mcgee Melvin Painting: Oil Paint
202 Nardin William 3d functional: wood
308 Narolewska Iwona Jewelry Designer: Gold and/or Silver
303 Arroyo-Ortiz Mary 2D: Mixed Media
313 Overlay Maria Photography
307 Raudzius Tadas Photography
315 Richardson Millie Jewelry: Gold/Silver
123 Seils Joey 2D: Photography
126 Shundich Steven Photo: Black and White
129 Sorenson Al Painting: Acrylic Paint
131 Steddum Mike Painting: Oil Paint
124 Van Gorp Debbie
205 Van Inwegen Digital Bruce Digital
300 Wilhelm Rosie Painting: Oil Paint