Kudos from Artist Sissy Watson

“I just wanted to thank you for a job well done at the Port Clinton show last weekend.  It was my first experience with this show and I was so impressed with how well it was organized.  Staff was very helpful and knowledgable, always available for my questions, booth sitting, load-in, and load-out.”
~ Sissy Watson, White Tulip Studio


Kudos from Artist Sher Berman

“I too, loved the new layout (Port Clinton Art Festival). Customers were able to focus their attention as they walked down the booths. I heard several people comment on how wonderful it was and how much they liked the new layout.”

~ Sher Berman

Kudos from Artist Barbara Espey

“I do so appreciate all the work you folks at Amdur do to prepare for shows, take care of artists and make sure things run smoothly.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you  this season and hope to do so again next year.”

~ Barbra Espey

Kudos from Artists Joan Michlin and Skip Ennis

“Thanks Amy! Best Port Clinton in years. Run like a Swiss Clock.”

~  Joan Michlin and Skip Ennis

Kudos from Artists Renee and Douglas Sigwarth

“We want to thank you for redesigning the footprint for Port Clinton and for granting us our prime booth spot. We had our best show in Highland Park there for quite some time. The patrons saw the show in a new light and I heard a lot of positive feedback.”

~ Douglas and Renee Sigwarth

Kudos from Artists Robert and Michelle Casarietti

“You all do a GREAT job.”

~ Robert and Michelle Casarietti

Kudos from Artist Petr Bednarik

“Thank you for all your hard work you put into it and thank you for inviting me to the show.”

~ Petr Bednarik

Kudos from Artist Al Amon

“I want to say that I believe you have a great staff, friendly and very professional.  I also very much appreciated the individual attention you gave to me, you are without a doubt the top show promoter.”

~ Al Amon

Kudos from Artist Deborah Kerr

“Indeed the show (artfest Michigan Avenue) was very good, beautiful scenery and you guys are awesome! Thank you very much.”
~ Deborah Kerr

Kudos from Artist Kim Sutherland Evans

“This show (artfest Michigan Avenue) broke all my sales records to date! I loved my booth location, the staff and of course, the award.”

~ Kim Sutherland Evans

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