Mann, Barbara

Artist Statement

An artist in the small Texas town where he was a popular family physician. His art career began after a 1987 stroke stole the use of his right hand, and his ability to produce language, I love the feel of wet clay — how it slips through my hands on the wheel, how it responds to the slightest touch. What fun I have pressing colors and patterns next to each other. Make it sing! Make it pop to the eye! Then there are the wonderful papers from all over the world…see how the light comes through the fibers? I make wheel-thrown lamps, bowls, platters and lidded jars with very matte glazes. My forms are simple to accept highly decorated surfaces of multiple layers. Then I embellish pieces with silver, copper or composition gold leaf or add an unryu paper shade to complement that unique base. My pieces are intended purely for the amusement of the visual sense. Beauty gives our souls a little refreshment so we can get on with the more mundane tasks of life.

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