Tuesday Tip! Make a Video to Send to Your Followers!

 Tuesday Tip!
Make a Video to Send to Your Followers!

Set up a camera or smart phone in your studio and record yourself making a piece of art!

Here are some things you may need:
A “tri-pod” is a device to hold your camera steady so you can be hands-free to create your art! You can get inexpensive tri-pods online or at a local department store.

If your art takes a long time to create, you can convert the video into a “time lapse” video. “Time lapse” videos take your long video and speed it up so that it’s only a few minutes long. This is important because if your video is longer than 3 minutes, you will lose viewers. Some new phones have this feature on the video setting already. For more, search online “how to create a time lapse video” for some programs to help you!

Why Video?
Videos are so powerful. First, they reinforce that you are the artist and maker of your work without a doubt! Second, they substantiate the complexity of your process. Third, people love watching videos and seeing the magic of creation. Finally, they keep the attention of your followers which is incredibly hard to do.

Videos are useful in so many ways and time well-spent! You can use these videos in your social media, in your email blasts, and on your web site, too!

Happy creating!

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