Glencoe Festival of Art Blog

I love a suburban art festival. There is something just right about seeing art in a suburban downtown. Walking down closed streets always gives me a chance to really see the architecture and enjoy the storefronts that otherwise are a blur as I drive past.

This weekend, we have a wonderful chance to slow down and enjoy downtown Glencoe for the Glencoe Art Festival. Artists will be back to back down the middle, giving the festival attendee great views of art and stores.

Many of my favorite artists will be exhibiting at the show. And, many of my favorite cafes and restaurants line the festival footprint..Foodstuffs (great tuna salad, made to order salads and sandwiches) Guildhall…a café with a European vibe, Apple A Day…a gem to be experienced, Little Red Hen..fried chicken like Nettie makes from her Gramma’s recipe, and of course coffee cafes both independent and national.

So, slow down and enjoy the pace a suburban show offers. And unlike the City, parking is free…which always feels good too.


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