Notifications Have Gone Out to Artists

Dear Artists:

We are so excited to announce that notifications to artists have gone out to all artists who have applied to the 2018 art festivals.

To the accepted artists, we look forward to having your original art at our festivals this summer. If you have any questions, please call us at our office, 847-926-4300.

All artists are invited to our upcoming FREE SEMINAR called Artfest Boot Camp April 28 at the Highland Park Country Club in Highland Park, Illinois. Register here! The focus of this seminar is maximizing sales at the festivals. Artists who attend will learn skills to sell more art at festivals.

Start selling art now with your free gallery at  Setting up your page is easy, and FREE. 18% of the sale goes back to the site at time of sale.

Forgot to apply? Artists can apply for wait list positions through the web site.

Wishing you days filled with art.

Amy Amdur

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