34th Annual Port Clinton Art Festival

The 34th year of anything is a big deal…just knowing something has survived over three decades is an accomplishment. And so it is as we look ahead to the 34th Annual Port Clinton Art Festival this August 26 and 27.

From it’s quiet beginnings with 40 artists in the then new plaza at Port Clinton Square, through it’s childhood, adolescence and 20’s, the art festival has seen more than 8,000 artists display their work over the years and hundreds of thousands walk it’s aisles. Who knew back in the early days that film photography would be nearly extinct 34 years later? Who knew that we’d all be on small smart phones?

From the glory year’s of art during the Clinton presidency to today’s world climate, the Port Clinton Art Festival has literally weathered it all.
Once children brought to the festival, now parents with their own children, families come to the annual event to look and buy, buying memories of the day that live on as art on walls for decades.

What has been the magic that has sustained this art festival? A good deal of tender loving care, a vision for what could be, and the support of people who appreciate and respect art.
On this 34th anniversary of the Port Clinton Art Festival, I say welcome to the new and returning artists and thank you to all who have been a part of the show…let it continue on.


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