2017 October Brushstrokes

October 2017
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November 17, 18 and 19
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6 Tips For Buying Art Online

  1. Define your needs and wants. If you need art for your wall, measure the space(s) you have for art and refer to the dimensions of the pieces on line. 
  2. Do you have a budget for a new piece of art or jewelry? . If so, what is that budget? 
  3. Visit the online art gallery:  ArtZipper.com, and register by creating a user name and password.
  4. Click Shop Now to search for the type of art you are looking for.ArtZipper.com has categories to help you out! Art for the Wall, Sculpture, Jewelry, and more!
  5. Note what you love by pressing “Own It“. This will add the items you love into your shopping cart!
  6. Click on “Shopping Cart” on the top right of the web site to revisit your favorites. When you have your favorite(s), it’s time to buy!
Draw for the Troops
We’ve collected almost 1,000 drawings for the troops overseas!
Thank you to all our young artists who colored and drew for our Troops at festivals this past summer. 
This year, dozens of artists participated in the Green Ribbon Project and raised more than $2,000 benefiting these charities:

Bright Pink, Spinal Cord Injury, American Cancer Society, PADS Lake County, Autism Speaks, Face the Future, and the Art Center of Highland Park.

Thank you to the Artist Advisory Board who met October 17, reviewed the season and shared ideas for 2018. 

Artist Advisory Board Members in picture include left to right: Karina Llergo, Scott Fishman, James Cole, Diana Widman, Heather Hambrecht, Jill Scales, Dale Horn, Amy Manning, Candace Marsella, and David Dallison.
The Artist Advisory Board is a group of artists providing feedback on art festivals and related topics. 

Artist News and Announcements
Scott Fishman is busy planning his November trip to Cuba! He tours groups of people away from the over-crowded tourist areas and into the nearby streets, surrounding neighborhoods, and rural farmlands where the locals carry-on with their daily lives.

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September Show Wrap-Up…

Third Ward Art Festival, Milwaukee
The Historic Third Ward, a group of wonderful artists, and our team came together for another successful year in Milwaukee’s Art District of Third Ward over Labor Day Weekend!
Deer Park Art Show
We had a group of very talented artists in a beautiful location and the support of the wonderful people of Deer Park and the surrounding cities! Not to mention the fantastic weather!
Highwood Starving Artists Show
This event was HOT! Hot deals on art, hot town, and some hot weather. See you next year!
Our 2018 Art Festival Season Schedule is Almost Here!
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