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Chicago’s Art Scene Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: If you live in Chicago, IL, you’re familiar with the dynamic and multifaceted art scene. The city offers an unparalleled journey through human creativity, like world-renowned museums that house timeless masterpieces to cutting-edge galleries. But Chicago’s…
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Glass Artist Diane Allison
Kudos from Diane Allison

Amdur has been instrumental in getting me started and I really appreciate the webinars and feedback. Thank you for all you do, especially for the individual help which has been part of my journey since I started glass back in 2019. The Chicago shows I was part of in 2020 were the first art shows I had ever done and you made the process easy.
Thank you,
Diane Allison

Glass Artist Diane Allison
Email, December 2022
Nels Johnson, Artist in the Third Ward Art Festival
Kudos from Nels Johnson, Third Ward Art Festival

I turned 77 today.

Thought I would write a great blog.

This is going to be one of my last four blogs.

I am retiring from blogging after 10 years doing it.

Will you miss me?

This is an Amy Amdur show held on Labor Day weekend in a great location.

The Third Ward is right downtown. Full of happening retail and bars and restaurants. Lots of young people everywhere.

My best bud, Jim Wilbat--outstanding glass artist-- has done the show for about three years. So I tried it for the first time.

A welcome addition to my show schedule.

We were able to park in a lot and dolly right to our booths.

Friday setup with weekend show.

Held on street pavement, plenty of storage space behind.

The Amdur team are pros, everything flowed smoothly.

We actually had nippy weather both days, I was in a long sleeve pullover both days.
Small shows, well under 130 artists.

Noticed I said artists, not vendors. Enough said.

Lots of well dressed patrons, and they spent money on art, what a concept.

Saturday was a Lowend day, barely did $1.5 K. Mostly prints out of the bins.

Sunday was different. Sold lots of framed work. Saw lots of others float by my booth.

People were very engaged. Got asked lots of questions about my work, how refreshing.

The show is a winner, will gladly do it again.

Nels Johnson, Artist in the Third Ward Art Festival
Art Fair Insiders, October 25, 2022
Thomas Trausch, Exhibiting Painter in 2022 Art Fair Season
Thank You from Painter

Thanks to all of you too for all you do on the “A” team

Thomas Trausch, Exhibiting Painter in 2022 Art Fair Season
Email, October 11, 2022
Melissa Hampton
Thank You from Artist Melissa Hampton

Hi Caitlin,
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you, Amy, and the entire Amdur crew for hosting us at several of your wonderful shows again this season. Chris and I always look forward to seeing you all and you make shows so easy and enjoyable to do. We hope to see you again next year!
Thanks again and all the best,
Melissa, Chris, and Mac

Melissa Hampton
Email, October 7, 2022
Erik Byers
Kudos from Artist, Erik Byers

I want to thank you all for a good summer. It was excellent.
Have a good winter and I will see you in '23.
Erik Byers

Erik Byers
Email, October 2, 2022
Drew Eurek
Kudos from Drew Eurek

Hello Amy Amdur and Team,
I just wanted to take a minute to say how blown away I was with your team and event this past weekend. To say it was an honor would be an understatement. The level of professionalism and kindness while putting together an AMAZING show that I could be a part of gives me chills!
The whole Amdur team was stellar with communication, clear direction and support throughout the entire weekend. I am so very proud to have worked with all of you and especially for all the advice and guidance for this first time artist!
From the Bottom of my heart, Thank you very very much!
I am excited to take the expert advise given to me by Amy and put it to good use so that I can present and sell even better next year! I look forward to many more shows with you and thank you again for all your hard work, energy and time! You should all be very very proud!!
Drew Eurek

Drew Eurek
Email, September 28, 2022
Julie Leutloff
Kudos from Julie Leutloff

I went through my sales receipts for just the Amdur shows I did this year.
At your shows only, I sold 462 pieces!

Julie Leutloff
Email 2021
Painters Rosa Chavez & Leon Ruiz
Kudos from Painters Rosa and Leon

Thank you, to the Amdur Productions’ team, for supporting the art community and for all you do for your representing artists. We appreciate all the work you do for us.

Painters Rosa Chavez & Leon Ruiz
Jeff Commer
Kudos from The Business Involvement District from Whitefish Bay, WI

Amy and the team at Amdur Productions are total pros! We have enjoyed the past two years of our summer in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin Art Show weekend. We plan to continue this event on an annual basis because it brings thousands of new faces to our business district. The Art Show is one of our best events of the year that many residents and visitors look forward to.

Jeff Commer
Richard Kolb Artist
Kudos from Richard Kolb

I have done Lincolnshire, Northbrook and Glencoe and did well at all 3 despite the heat. Loved my booth spaces and the relative ease of all aspects of the shows. Very easy and helpful staff. Thanks.

Richard Kolb Artist
Email July 27, 2021
Jewelry Artist Julie Leutloff
Kudos from Julie Leutloff

Just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for your help yesterday!
The show, for me, was amazing! I sold 86 pieces! (Whitefish Bay Art Fest)

Jewelry Artist Julie Leutloff
Jamison Glisczinski, Sculpture Artist
Kudos from Jamison Glisczinski

First off, I just want to thank you, Amy and the entire production team for another professional and well run event this weekend in Whitefish Bay... It's always a pleasure taking part in an Amdur production, knowing that from months before the artists arrive until the last tent is packed away that everything has been thoughtfully planned and taken care of, leaving the artists to focus on their patrons and artwork without having to worry about anything else.

Jamison Glisczinski, Sculpture Artist
Email July 12, 2021
Schneider Announces 2021 Congressional Art Competition Winners, Amy Amdur Participates as One of the Judges for the Competition
Schneider Announces 2021 Congressional Art Competition Winners Waukegan High School Senior Kate Salinas wins first place with submission “Together” DEERFIELD, IL – Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10) today announced the winners of the annual Congressional Art Competition in Illinois’s Tenth District. 37 students from 12 schools virtually submitted…
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JACKIE PHINNEY Jewelry Maker: Mixed Media image 3Jackie Phinney
Kudos from Jewelry Artist Jackie Phinney!

Dave and I have enjoyed working with you and your team for the past 15 years. Everything was always well organized and you had a great staff.

Jackie Phinney
April 19, 2021