Tuesday Tip: City Vs Suburban  

Of the 10,000+ art shows held annually, how do you pick the festivals that are best for you?

There are two general categories; city and suburban show. Here’s the skinny:

City Shows: Shows in big cities like Chicago or Milwaukee tend to have bigger and more diverse crowds. In cities, you can reach a broader audience in age range. In Chicago, the people seem to be more responsive to contemporary art.  If you do an art festival in a big city, having an extra person who can help you will really make a difference. An extra person can watch your booth while you take lunch breaks, help with greater security, help with load in and load out, and assist more customers.

Some good city shows to look at are Gold Coast Art Fair, Millennium Art Festival, artfest Michigan Avenue, and Southport Art Festival.

Suburban Shows: Shows in suburban settings are usually more relaxed and more easy-going. Typically the people at suburban shows have similar tastes in their lifestyles and design. Suburban shows are easier to do by yourself.

Some good suburban shows include: Port Clinton Art Festival, Art at the Glen, and Barrington Art Festival.

Let us know if you have specific questions about any of our shows!

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