Tuesday Tip: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Myth: “I know I’ve made it as an artist when I exhibit in art festivals across the country.”

Not necessarily. Some artists have said that traveling for them ended up not as beneficial as they hoped. Traveling is expensive and tiring. It’s also time spent outside of your studio when you could be making more art. Sometimes, it’s a more effective use of your time and money to stay around your area.

If you are considering traveling, try to coordinate your show schedule so that the art festivals line up geographically. This will help with your expenses on gas, oil changes, and wear and tear on your vehicle. You’ll be fresher for the art festivals, too!

We produce many shows that will line up geographically in the Midwest! Make your trip worthwhile. Call us at 947-926-4300 and we’ll help line up good shows for you.

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