Tuesday Tip: Review 2017 Season to Prepare for 2018!

review your schedule.

 Tuesday Tip!

 Review Your 2017 Season

Take Out Your Show Notes and See Which Festivals You Want to Apply to Again

It’s time to review your year and plan for 2018!
For each show you were in, ask yourself…

  • How were my sales? What price range sold best?
  • Were customers engaged and interested in my work? (Keep in mind, often the public needs to see you a couple of years before they purchase.)
  • How was the weather that weekend and did it affect show attendance? If it rained, should I give in another chance?
  • Did I promote to my clients?
  • Is there a way I can reduce my expenses to make this show more profitable for me?

Once you have reviewed each show, you can make a better decision on whether to apply again or not.

TIP: If you didn’t take notes on your shows in 2017, get a designated notebook for all your 2018 shows and start then!

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